This page links together all my Elasto Mania related stuff, so you can easily find what you are looking for.
Online Level Editor
Online Level Editor
OLE is an Online Level Editor. It takes advantage of html5 <canvas> and javascript and runs on your browser (Opera, Chrome and Firefox supported). Features aren't as massive as other custom editors have, but who cares! No you can enjoy creating levels in places where you might have a limited access installing custom programs! The status of this editor is 'in development' so new features are added constantly. At the moment you have all the necessary tools to create a lev: add/edit/move polygons and objects, change level properties (background, foreground, name) and of course save level. I will also make it possible to open levels in this editor.
ReDesign Cup
ReDesign Cup/Contest
ReDesign Cup was fresh and innovative cup organized by Orcc & Ville_J in spring 2011. Each week two original internals were announced as the events of the cup. Participants were then supposed to add polygons to the original levels so that they could finish the level as fast as possible. The cup consisted of 16 internals and lasted for 8 weeks (2 levels per week). ReDesign Cup was also exceptional in a way that no other recent cup has been: team FM (including old school kuskis such as Abula, MP, Karlis, Mr and Tisk) took part in it and Tisk even managed to win the whole cup. After the cup was over the site was modified so that people could still upload their levels and replays and continue competing against each other on all original internals. Contest mode appears not to be very succesful.
This project saw the daylight in summer 2010. At that time, I was playing some internals to improve my tt and struggled to find good replays anywhere. Going through topics at Mopolauta and clicking random old links just to find out that the file does not exist anymore was very frustrating. So I decided to make RecSource. It is a site where everyone can upload internal recs. It got some popularity, and it also features some of the public WR recs. The site has some helpful little features, such as filtering replay files, WR-label for the current WR replays and the time difference of the replay compared to the WR time. It also checks Elasto Mania Online databse to see if the replay was driven in legit Elasto Mania version. Replays that can't be verified from EOL database are labeled as unverified.

It is now also possible to watch all the replays online with the new HTML5 replay player.
Amle Level Editor
Online Amle Level Editor
Amle is a nice platform game inspired by Elma. It was first made many years ago, but in 2010 it was re-found by few people in the Elasto Mania community. With this little online tool you are able to create levels for Amle. It has all the same features as the in-game level editor, but you can't open level files. This was made rather fast and the only motive behind it was just to see if I was able to make it. Notice: Using this for the first time can be a bit tricky. You might need to use your browser's zoom out function to see all actions in the bottom panel. The reason behind this quirky user interface is that Amle block size is 40x31 pixels. Therefore I was not able to downscale the divs on the screen without losing the accuracy.
Level Generator
Online Elma Level Generator
This level generator project originates from Mopolauta topic where Igge suggested that someone should make a trivia level generator. I got instantly interested even though I had no previous experience in Elasto Mania level format. Ribot was kind enough to share his level generator script written in Python so I was able to produce my own generator with PHP. My level generator PHP source code is also available here: http://gen.oktobia.org/what/elma-php-level-generator-by-ville-j-beta.rar. This level generator is able to generate uphill levels with few properties that user can set. Later, I also made an Apple Harvest generator which can be found here: http://gen.oktobia.org/rah/. Notice: Both of these generators are in "beta" stage and I do not have intention to develop either of them further at the moment.
Talvi Cup
Talvi Cup
Talvi Cup started in February 2010 and was the first bigger thing I made after my successful comeback in 2009. The cup consisted of 10 different events inlcuding one week double event. However, only 9 events' points were counted in total standings meaning kuskis could skip one event. Talvi Cup also introduced a new form of gaining points: kuskis were able to guess what the names of the cup levels were. As the start of the event got closer, letters of the level name were slowly revealed. First one to guess the level name right gained 3 extra points. Site also provided a little hint for each level's name: every time you loaded Talvi Cup page, a random event hint was displayed in the title tag of the page. It remains unknown whether anyone actually noticed this and got any advantage.