What is it?

Upload recs

Use the form below to upload recs for internals. If you have many rec files you can easily compress them into a zip file and upload archive. You must also specify the name of the kuski who drove the rec(s). Same kuski name will be used for all the recs if you upload a zip file. Max. file size 2mb.

int:<10; kuski:Ville_J; time:>23,55 would return all Ville_J's recs of internals smaller than 10, where the time of the replay is greater than 23,55. You can also leave > or < out if you want to search for the exact time or internal: int:35; time:2.35,00. Use semicolon ; to separate filters. You can use same filter many times with different parameters: int:>10; int:<20 would return internals between 10 and 20. Time format should be either xx.xx,xx or xx,xx. Try combining filters – You'll soon get a hang of it and see how fun they are!