1. Do not touch the original vertices or objects. The levels will be checked with a script, so don't bother trying. You are only allowed
to add new polygons, no objects. Not even killers, even though I know you probably would like to.

2. To test the level you're allowed to move start, but use the script on our site to move it back to exact original position.

3. Wheels must not be inside ground on start (unless that happens in the original level). Also "cannons" or abnormal braking stretches
with low fps are forbidden.

4. Points are given to 25 best kuskis as following:

 1. 100
 2. 85
 3. 75
 4. 65
 5. 55
 6. 50
 7. 45
 8. 40
 9. 36
10. 33
11. 30
12. 27
13. 24
14. 21
15. 18
16. 16
17. 14
18. 12
19. 10
20. 8
21. 6
22. 4
23. 3
24. 2
25. 1

5. Only fourteen events are calculated to your total points, which means you can skip two levels if you wish. If you play more
than 14 events, only the best 14 are calculated.

6. There will be a total of eight rounds which consist of two carefully selected levels each. Points will be given for every
level separately.

7. Members of the same team are allowed to use the same level. Every kuski must however upload the level individually. Team points
will be added from three best kuskis per event.

8. Be careful when playing in EOL, others might steal your levels or see your times! Also be careful not to move the original
vertices or you might need to start the levmaking all over again.

9. To be able to edit the levels you must rename them after downloading. It doesn't matter how you name your level and replay files.

10. We might modify the rules if there's a need for it.